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Experts In Technology Management

Managing technology, business and support requirements requires broad acumen, efficient and automated processes and a deep understanding of business models.  Our engineers are taught to understand our customer’s industries and business models first, then apply their technical expertise to develop the appropriate architecture, security and support models based on the client’s goals.

Our business first approach is the first of many building blocks that we utilize to ensure our solutions align with customer needs, and, once implemented, we can efficiently execute our services.

Managed Services, Cloud Services, and Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting and Managed Security Services

Performing internal and external vulnerability assessments on at least a semi-annual basis are a foundational component of the modern day security program.  HighPoint Technology Group offers vulnerability assessments for a wide variety of commercial best practices, most industry specific regulations and customized programs to meet specific organizational security objectives.
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing is where the rubber meets the road in terms of being serious about ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data and your customers’ data.  Our team will utilize non-disruptive greyhat techniques to simulate an attack on your environment.  We will document all activities and provide actionable guidance to shore up gaps in your current security.
Penetration Testing

Who is HighPoint Technology Group?

We delight end-users, aim to help advance our customer’s careers and bring organizations to the next level through technology

HighPoint Technology Group is built by passionate business and technology people who maintain trustworthy relationships to deliver ecstatic customer experiences. specializes in delivering high value, industry tailored technology support services to meet a broad range of IT operations and digital business strategy needs.  Our mature monitoring and management processes heavily rely on automation providing automated identification and remediation of adverse conditions affecting servers, applications, network devices and end user workstations.

Industry Expertise

At HighPoint Technology Group, we value long-standing partnerships built on trust, transparency and open communication between us and our customers.  Being in the business of technology and support, we understand the responsibilities involved with being a custodian of corporate data, processes and risk.  Our team is trained from the bottom up on technology stewardship, fiscal management and, above all, customer experience.


Trusted Partners

Supporting a broad range of industries and firms of various sizes and complexities requires expertise in wide ranging platforms.  We maintain active and expanding relationships with the world’s top technology leaders and blend our support expertise into a fully managed service offering that enables IT organizations to more effectively scale and ensures business users can focus on transformational initiatives.

Building Inspiring Partnerships

We strive to inspire our customers to transform the way they approach their jobs, customers and technology.  When we do our job right, our customers elevate their positions!

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