AWS and Azure Infrastructure Management

We offer comprehensive turnkey cloud management, monitoring, administration, support and maintenance solutions for any infrastructure, cloud, on-premise hosted – anywhere.  For AWS and Azure, we have a suite of services that our customers really love including:

  • 24×7 Service Desk
  • Closed loop resolution – you never have to worry about using Microsoft or Amazon support
  • Server monitoring and management
  • Cloud service management
  • Cloud service brokerage
  • Service Governance
  • Custom SLA configurations backed by us instead of Microsoft or Amazon
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Megaport, Express Route and Direct Connect integrations available

Why choose HighPoint Technology Group’s Amazon Web Services and Azure Cloud Offering?

Virtual Machine Hosting

Security and Remote Access

Disaster Recovery

There are a variety of reasons to switch to the Cloud. With the Cloud comes flexibility, enhanced DR capabilities, automatic software updates, lower capital expenditures costs, ease of collaboration, heightened security, and competitive features. There are multiple Cloud platforms to choose from that provide these benefits, with Azure and AWS being in the lead. HighPoint Technology Group is hyperconnected to both of these platforms, allowing us to provide optimal support. We will customize a plan that works best for your business so you only pay for the features your business needs, saving you money. Our expert technicians and 24X7 support desk ensure that your needs are met and questions are answered so your business can continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Moving to the Cloud doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. Let HTG help simplify the process and save you money.