Protect your Data and Your Applications

Backup solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but often they only provide partial solutions.  HighPoint Technology Group’s engineered backup solutions protect more than just your critical information, our backups will position you to restore your business quickly – apps, file data, emails, SaaS systems – everything.

Cloud Backup

Replicate your file and object data, SQL databases and email data and other information using our cloud backup services.  We keep your data up to 1 year by default and longer for financial data and audit/compliance data based on regulations or business needs.

On-Premise Recovery with Local Failover

Backing up your data is obviously important, but keeping your business and operations running smoothly at all times is the real goal.  Our backup solutions allow you to quickly restore services in the event of a physical failure or VM corruption.  You can failover a specific server or all Virtual guests running on a failed physical node.  Get back up and running in minutes, not hours and have piece of mind that your operations will continue giving your team time to diagnose and correct the issue.

Block, File and Object Storage Backup Solutions

Our solution covers physical and virtual storage and nearly any data format and type.  Whether you are backing up files, object data, system images, snapshots – whatever the case may be, we have you covered.  Our customers love the flexibility of our tools and that they do not have to manage them.  All backup solutions are fully operated, managed and monitored by our 24×7 Service Desk and your team will receive a dedicated Cloud expert that understands traditional backup methods, cloud backup and disaster recovery.