Adopting a Cloud Strategy

Many organizations have come to the realization that cloud is a means, not an end to achieving successful IT modernization.  As a whole, organizations are generally in one of five stages in their adoption of cloud technologies:

  1. Fully committed to bringing everything to the cloud and applications are integrated and automated to achieve transformational business gains
  2. Have successfully migrated services to the cloud, but are applications and systems are siloed and simply carbon copies of their previously physical counterparts
  3. Have email and some marketing tools in the cloud but the rest is mainly running traditionally on premise or in a data center
  4. Claims to be fervently against the cloud and “has no use for it here” but is already running a multitude of cloud applications without realizing it
  5. Is not utilizing cloud in any capacity and employees are instead focused on what jobs are available after the company utterly and completely fails

Virtual Machine Hosting

HTG provides hosting, server management, OS patching, 24×7 monitoring and comprehensive security services with every virtual machine.  Our Solutions include:

  • Robust, High Availability SLAs
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting
  • Fully Managed SQL Instances and Other Database Support

Cloud Storage

As technology advances, the means for storing and expanding data becomes more accessible, reliable, cost-effective, and simple. Many businesses migrate to using the Cloud for these reasons, making it more difficult to make sense for using traditional storage options. HighPoint Technology Group can help your business keep up and adapt with this trend. We provide Cloud Storage services so your business data can be safe, secure, and organized. You only pay for the storage that you need, which allows you to save money. At HTG, our experts and 24X7 service desk will help keep your business running efficiently.

Disaster Recovery

Important data and applications, used to keep a business running, are stored on the network. If that network were to go, it could bring businesses to a screeching halt. That is, unless they have a Disaster Recovery plan in place. The more data that is backed up and the quicker it can get back up and running, the better it is for a business. HighPoint Technology Group understands the need to get back up and running with accurate and complete data. Our expert technicians can create a Disaster Recovery plan that suits your business needs. A customized SLA will outline how much and what kind of data is recovered and how quickly it is recovered. This helps to understand what to expect to mitigate negative feedback. A Disaster Recovery plan can save your business integrity, time, and money.

Cloud Backup

When everything is stored in the Cloud, a disaster, be it human nature, cyber, or natural, can prove devastating. HighPoint Technology Group provides Cloud Backup services to mitigate the damage of a disaster. Our expert technicians take steps to ensure data is backed up and stored correctly so that, in the even of a disaster, the data can be retrieved and recovered in a timely manner, according to an agreed upon SLA. These precautions allow your business to continue running as quickly and efficiently as possible after a system failure. By using HTG for Cloud Backup, your business can save time, money, and integrity.