Our Customer Satisfaction Surveying Process

All customer support/customer service interactions are tracked in HTG’s Service Desk ticketing system.  Routine end-user surveys are sent as part of the resolution process for each and every customer service interaction.  Survey results are stored alongside the ticket information as well as within our Customer Experience Platform (CEP).  The End User Support Survey data is then compiled and summarized into a composite CSAT score for the entire company.

This CSAT score represents the average customer experience across all HighPoint Technology Group customers and is published in real-time on this page – available for anyone in the world to see quality of service and support for our entire customer base.

Our Current CSAT Score

Our Latest Customer Survey Results

Comparison to Industry Averages

HighPoint Technology Group has consistently maintained strong CSAT and Customer Experience scores compared to industry peers.  Based on data provided by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).   The chart below was generated based on HTG internal CSAT tracking data and the ACSI data found in the March 2019 National Quarterly Satisfaction Report by Sector.  The data below is current as of April 24, 2019.