Datacron Managed Services


Database servers need to be properly configured, maintained and monitored to ensure that they are performing in an optimal manner with the highest level of availability to maximize your company’s overall performance from both an application and end-user perspective.  It is imperative that the server is configured with best practices to ensure optimum performance.  As important as overall performance, is the ability to recover in the event of a data loss event.  A data loss event can be anything from a simple accidental delete by an end-user, to a server loss, all the way to a complete site failure.

In order to ensure the database server is properly configured and optimally maintained, it is essential to have personnel available with the skill set and experience to make certain that this is done in a manner that will provide with you with the best performance and protection from data loss.  The person that has a skill set and experience for optimizing and maintaining database servers is a Database Administration (DBA).  Keeping a DBA of sufficient caliber on staff to maintain a few servers can be expensive, as there may only need to be a few hours per month to maintain each database server for normal operation.  In the event of a hardware, software or data issue, then the need for a DBA would increase, but this is only until the issue is resolved.

Whether this need be for only tuning and performance, development/project tasks, to overall management of all your databases, Datacron Managed Services can address your needs.  Customizable plans are available for many ranges and we are happy to assist you in picking the right scope of hours for your current and future needs.

We have the DBAs with the skill set and experience needed to provide the services needed to ensure your database server is operating efficiently and effectively, while making certain the data is protected to your standards.  This service offering will provide an initial assessment and recommendation for server configuration, setup processes that will optimize and maintain databases on a periodic basis, create backup and disaster recovery procedures, and implement alerts to remotely monitor the database server.  We are also available to help with troubleshooting and performance tuning of queries and processes related to the database servers.  We are your database resource that will help give you peace of mind that your database servers are operation efficiently and data is protected.

Subscription Services

As a customer of the Datacron Managed Services, for each server that has subscribed to the service, the following are recommended to be performed:

Initial Assessment/Recommendations

  • Best Practices Review
  • Tuning/Optimization
    • Server
    • SQL Server
    • Database
  • Data Recovery Advisement
    • On Site
    • Off Site

Implementation of Recommendations

  • Overview of Recommendations
  • Review of Tasks
    • Assign to Appropriate Personnel
    • Schedule for Implementation
  • Implement

Installation of Base Processes

  • Setup/Monitor Alert for database Errors/Warnings
  • Setup/Monitor Backup of All Databases
  • Setup/Monitor Maintenance on All Database

Periodic Server Health Check

  • Done on Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Basis
  • Review Each Server
    • Server Logs
    • Database Logs
    • Automated Jobs
  • Provide Status Report
  • Provide SQL Based Reports
    • Server Dashboard
    • Memory Consumption
    • Performance – Top Queries by CPU
    • Performance – Top Queries by IO

Additional Services

  • Ongoing Tuning/Optimization
    • Server
    • Database
    • Queries/Stored Procedures/Packages
  • Data Services
    • Transformation
    • Migration
    • Integration
    • Reporting
    • Data Warehouse
  • Upgrades /Migrations to new servers
  • Disaster Recovery Implementation
    • Database
    • Server
    • Site

Implementing Datacron Managed Services

When electing to subscribe to the Datacron Managed Services, there are several steps that are involved to bringing on a new customer and new database servers.  The section below will describe in detail each of the steps and what will be accomplished by each.

  1. Customer Interview
  2. Initial Assessment and Recommendations
  3. Implementation of Recommendations
  4. Installation of Base Processes for the Datacron Managed Services
  5. Periodic Server Health Check

Customer Interview

An initial meeting is done to gather necessary information from the customer in order to effectively setup the Datacron Managed Services in a manner that matches the policies and requirements of the customer.  This can be done through an exchange of emails or a series of meetings.  The information that needs to be gathered is as follows:

  • Servers
    • Subscribed in Datacron Managed Services
    • Server Names
    • IP Addresses
    • Mail Server for Database Alerts
  • Accounts
    • Account to be used by Datacron Managed Services personnel
      • Needs to be Administrator on Server
      • Needs to have SYS/SysAdmin Role
    • Accounts used by Automated processes
  • Outage Window
    • Day/Time When Outages Can Occur
      • Major – Server Restarts, SQL Restarts, Database Offline
      • Minor – Some Impact to Performance, but stays Online
    • Need Idea of When
    • All Outages will be Scheduled with Customer
  • Database Maintenance
    • Day/Time When Best for Database Maintenance to Occur
    • Based on Maintenance Method – Tables could not be available
    • What Type of Maintenance
  • Onsite Backup
    • Day/Time When Best for Backup
    • Type of Backup – Full / Incremental
      • Log Maintenance
    • How Often
    • Slight Impact to Performance
    • Where to Backup
  • Offsite Backup / Disaster Recovery
    • Location of Backup
    • Method for Offsite Backup
    • Method for Failover
  • Contacts – Email Addresses
    • Info – Reports
    • Warning
    • Error
    • Critical

Initial Assessment and Recommendations

For each server that is being subscribed to the Datacron Managed Services, an initial assessment and resulting recommendations are done.  This assessment will involve reviewing several aspects of the server, OS, software and databases to ensure that best practices are being implemented.  Based on the findings from this assessment, a list of recommendations will be built and delivered to the customer.  The recommendations will be reviewed and then based on customer input, determined which recommendations will be implemented.

Implementation of Recommendations

Based on the list of recommendations that have been chosen for implementation, there will be a task list created and personnel assigned to execute each of the tasks.  The personnel will be determined by the customer based on policies and procedures that dictate which resources should be used for each appropriate task.  Each task will also be scheduled in a manner that is based on policies and procedures and will accommodate specified outage and maintenance windows.

Installation of Base Processes for the Datacron Managed Services

In order to establish the alerts, maintenance and backup processes; scripts need to be run on each subscribing database server so that jobs, databases, tables and stored procedures are created that will drive the processes crucial for ensuring maintenance and backups occur on a periodic basis.  These processes will also require modifications to the email system on the database server in order for the alerts and notifications to be delivered via email.  These steps are necessary for bringing a server online and to start the subscription of the Datacron Managed Services.

Periodic Server Health Check

On a weekly basis, each subscribing database server will be reviewed to ensure that all is functioning as desired.  The OS and SQL logs will be reviewed for warnings and errors that are of a vital concern.  The automated jobs will also be reviewed for successful and timely execution.  General server and SQL responsiveness and performance will be reviewed using basic reports based on latest activity.  A status report that contains a summary of each server will be delivered each week. The status report will contain any issues or concerns that were found.

Datacron Managed Services Pricing

The pricing for Datacron Managed Services is based on the number of servers and the length of the subscription.  Each database server that is subscribing to the Datacron Managed Services will each receive a set number of hours (“bucket of hours”) of DBA time for the month the subscription is active.  This time is used to perform the weekly server health checks and any additional services needed each month.  If time exceeds the bucket of hours for each server, then there will be an additional charge applied for the hours bucket on the invoice, but at a reduced price from the bucket of hours.  The total number of hours for a set of database server subscriptions can pooled, per company/organization, into a single month.

For example, if there are 4 database servers and the bucket of hours for that server per month is 5 hours for each that have a subscription to the Datacron Managed Services, then there are a total number of 20 hours of DBA time that can be used for that month.  If the weekly heath checks for the 4 servers totals 5 hours for the month, then there would be 15 hours available for other services.