There are many factors that put your data, applications, and operations at risk. If your business cannot survive without those, then you need a Disaster Recovery (DR) and Backup Plan. A disaster can happen at any time, either due to machine and hardware failure, human error, a virus, or a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey. Depending on the type of business, the time it takes to recover from a disaster can be crucial to productivity, profits, and operations.

HighPoint Technology Group offers customizable DR and Backup Plans. These plans can adjust the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to fit a business’s needs. The RPO is the amount of time a disruption can last before losing data. For instance, when a disaster strikes, and the system is down for 20 hours, but the RPO is 24, then the data is still recoverable as it is still within the RPO parameters. The RTO is the amount of time it should take to get back online, or, the objective time to recover, after a disaster. For instance, when a disaster strikes, and the RTO is 24 hours, then it is expected that the systems be back online in that 24-hour time-frame. The length of time for the RPO and RTO varies in accordance with time is decided upon in your business’s DR & Backup Plan.

Our DR and backup plans keep your data safe and get you back online in a timely manner. With customizable options, our plans will fit your business needs just right so what you need is protected and nothing is wasted.

We provide on-premise and private cloud based Backup solutions for:

  • On-premise and collocated infrastructures
  • Cloud infrastructures
  • Desktops

On-Premise and Collocated Infrastructures

The IT infrastructure of a business is hosted in one of two environments: On-premise or Collocation. An on-premise infrastructure provides immediate physical access. Collocation is when the IT infrastructure is outsourced to a shared location. HTG provides backup solutions for both environments and can be catered to your business strategy.

Cloud Infrastructures

A Cloud Infrastructure eliminates the need for the physical elements of an IT network. Everything is online, or “in the cloud.” This can make the need for backup services even more important. HTG provides those back up services. We also help with monitoring, maintaining, and protecting the virtual elements.


Desktops are worked on every day. They provide access to the internet, store information, and run applications that are pertinent to the running of a business. Desktops are also susceptible to system failure and other disasters. HTG can aid in defending against those disasters. Our DR and backup plans will save the stored information and get your systems back up and running within the agreed upon time outlined in the plan.

We provide DR solutions for:

  • Traditional Infrastructure
  • Virtual Infrastructures
  • High Availability Environments
  • Global Data Center Failover

Traditional Infrastructures

Traditional Infrastructure require a dedicated space for the physical components of a network setup. The hardware and software involved are vulnerable to disasters, both physical and virtual, and require continuous maintenance and monitoring. HTG provides DR solutions that will get your network back up and running in the event of system failure or other disasters that would put your business’s data in jeopardy.

Virtual Infrastructures

Virtual Infrastructure uses the cloud to store data. This makes the data vulnerable to any system attacks or system failures. In the event of a disaster, the network needs to get back online as soon as possible in order to mitigate loss and continue business operations. HTG provides DR solutions that ensure the safety of your data and gets your network back up and running in a timely manner. This mitigates data loss and allows business to resume as quickly as possible.

High Availability Environments

It is important for your business and your clients for your network to remain available and reliable. HTG understands that your system needs to remain up and running and that any down time can cause high stress and unhappy customers. We offer DR solutions catered to your business that will mitigate the amount of time your system is down in the event of system failure. Our experts will get your system back up in running so that operations can continue as smoothly as possible.

Global Data Center Failover

There are certain areas of a network a business needs to keep running. In the event of a disaster, time is of the essence. A Global Data Center Failover aids in getting the critical parts of your network back up and running in no time. This is because it is a replication system where the resources are kept in-sync, so when one system fails, the other powers on and takes its place to keep things running. There are a few types of Global Data Failover setups. Active-Active will have both systems up and running. When one system fails, the other will take on the load and continue operations. An Active-Passive system will have one system doing the bulk of the work and a cold site, which still shares all the resources and remains in sync but is essentially in hibernation mode. If something were to happen to the main system, the cold site will wake up and take over. Be it some kind of disaster or even just regular maintenance, a Global Center Failover will aid in keeping the business network operating as smoothly as possible.

Different environments have specific needs.  Usually these environments are driven by industry or by regulations.  Highpoint Technology Group is well versed in providing backup and DR solutions for:

  • Regulated Industries (Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance)
  • Legal / Law Firms
  • High Security Environments
  • PCI Environments
  • Government and Education
  • eCommerce Environments
  • 24×7 Industrial Environments

Regulated Industries (Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance)

                                Regional Health Systems

Data storage, communication, and work in general are becoming more reliant on accessible networks and the cloud. As a result, network compliance and accessibility have become one more thing added on to an already overloaded plate. System failure can result in chaos and security breaches can result in hefty lawsuits. HighPoint understands the critical nature of the medical environment and offers services to meet those needs efficiently and reliably with our security practices and DR and backup solutions. Our expert technicians are available 24×7 and are ready to assist any of your IT needs, allowing you to focus on what you need without having to worry about IT.

                                Physician Practices

The more time that is spent with a patient, the more satisfied they will be. Running a practice is a lot of work, and often times that time is limited. HighPoint can help lighten the load with the services we provide. Allow our technicians to handle your IT needs, data storage, network reliability, security, DR and backup. We focus on your network so you can have more time to focus on your patients.

                                Independent Clinics

Being independent can prove to be a lot of work. In addition to knowing your own specialty, you need to know and adhere to standard regulations and acts regarding client information security. Keeping such information in an easy to access database for retrieval can prove even more stressful because competent network security and practices need to be in place. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can be costly and seemingly unaffordable. At HighPoint, we offer an affordable rate that is almost 40% lower than the average provider. With that rate comes top of the line customer service, 24×7 access to a technician for any of your network issues, security monitoring, and DR and backup solutions customized to fit your business needs. This way, you get what you need, and you don’t overpay.

                Financial Services

Consumer Data is extremely sensitive and needs to be well protected in compliance with set regulations and acts such as GLBA. In addition, business continuity is imperative to keeping Financial organizations running. HighPoint understands these needs and offers services to meet them. We provide security tests and monitoring to ensure the protection of your networks and data. In addition, we offer secure DR and backup solutions which keep your information safe and ready to recover.

                                Commercial Insurance Providers

Providing Commercial Insurance is a competitive industry. One mishap, be it a security breach or system failure, can result in loss of business and profitability. Customers want their information to be secure and to know that they are in good hands. At HighPoint, we want you to feel like you are in good hands. We have a dedicated team of expert technicians that can monitor your network to prevent security breaches and DR and backup solutions that can get your network back online quickly in the event of a system failure. The SLA is catered to your business needs and will outline what to expect from our services. With a dedicated MSP available 24×7, you can let your customers know that their information is safe with you.

                                Health Insurance Providers (HIPAA)

Health Insurance Providers are under much scrutiny when it comes to the ability to protect client information. HIPAA makes the security of client information imperative when dealing with MSPs. HighPoint offers security services for both the active network and its backup resources. The SLA can be catered to your business to ensure that all regulations will be adhered to and client information will remain secure according to your business needs. Our DR and Backup solutions will not only protect your client information but will also get your network running effectively in a timely manner to ensure business continuity in the event of a system failure. We offer 24×7 availability with expert technicians for any of your IT needs. Let us focus on keeping your data safe and secure so you can focus on your clients.

Legal/Law Firms

As a lawyer, data, and access to it, is crucial for running a firm. If a disaster were to strike and that data be compromised or lost, the resulting damage can prove crippling to a firm. Trade secrets and client data are not the only things at stake. A firm can lose its edge and its integrity, which can lead to loss of clientele. HighPoint Technology Group offers security, DR and backup solutions to prevent such scenarios. A custom fit SLA will outline what can be expected of our provided security services and backup plans. With a plan in place, when disaster strikes, your firm will be able to get back to business in a timely manner and with minimal loss. Be prepared and have a plan in place so your firm can survive a network disaster.

High Security Environments

Sensitive data is part of the job at high security environments. In the event of a disaster, be it human error, hardware failure, virus, or natural disaster, it is important that sensitive data is secure and accessible. HighPoint technology DR and backup plans can be custom fit to your business to ensure that happens. Our SLA will outline what measures can be expected for us to take to keep your information secure as well as how long before we get your network back up and running. We cater our services to you so you get what you want and pay only what you need.

PCI Environments

These days, most people use credit cards. Sensitive information is attached to credit cards, and that information can be accessed if the proper protection is not in place. This access can result in fraud against your customer and a hefty fine for you if you are not Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliant. If you take or process credit cards or any form of credit in your place of business, then you need to be PCI compliant. HighPoint Technology Group provides custom SLAs that will outline a security, DR and backup plan that is suitable for your business, keeping both yours and your client’s information secure. In addition, in the event of network failure, with our DR and backup plans, our technicians will get your system back up and running in a timely manner. This measure minimizes the amount of downtime your business will experience in the event of a system failure so you can keep your business running and your customers happy.

Government and Education

Government and Education Services deal with ample credit. Anywhere from the DMV, to court houses, to a federal bank use credit cards to process payments and store information. Schools use credit for a multitude of financial services as well, such as tuition, books, and fundraising. Whatever the reason, using credit and storing that information requires PCI compliance. HighPoint Technology Group can help get, keep, and maintain PCI compliance with our security services and DR and backup plans. Our security services will ensure your data is protected at all times. In the event of network failure, our DR and backup plans will get your systems back up and running in accordance with a customized SLA. We ensure security and dependability so your business can run the way it is meant to.

eCommerce Environments

Many places are taking their business online. This route may offer convenience to the customer, but it also exposes your business to certain cyber disasters, such as hacking or network failure. Both of these can lead to hefty fines and loss of customers which can prove detrimental to your business. HighPoint Technology Group offers services to combat such disasters, and more. With a customized SLA, HighPoint Technology will provide you security services to defend against any cyber threat and DR and backup solutions in the case of network failure. Any time down can prove damaging to a business.  Therefore, our provided backup plan will keep your information secure and get your network back up and running in a timely manner, minimizing any losses. We custom fit plans to your business needs so you only pay for what you need.

24×7 Industrial Environments

Running a business requires a mass amount of data: employees, their certifications, credentials, schedules, and performance – different vendors – their needs, orders, size, and meetings – business inventory, production, and security. Using the cloud and using MSPs considerably lighten the work load in these areas by allowing all of that data to be stored, monitored, and organized in one place. However, if something were to happen, such as a network failure, your business could grind to a halt or, worse, all of that data could be lost. HighPoint Technology Group not only offers Cloud services and security to meet your company’s needs, but we also provide DR and backup solutions. We will customize a plan that fits your business so you only pay for what you need. With these solutions in place, your data will not only be protected from being lost, but our expert technicians will get your business back up and running in a timely manner. These solutions offer minimal downtime and data loss so your business can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.