24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC)

The HTG NOC provides around the clock monitoring of customer networks, servers and other devices.  The NOC combines agents, dashboards, alerts and human intelligence to identify, diagnose, triage and escalate issues as they arise.  Our team leverages LogicMonitor in addition to the HTG Systems Monitoring Agent (HSMA) to ensure that systems are continuously available.  When an incident is detected, the NOC is alerted of an issue and a visible notification is simultaneously displayed on our main dashboard.  Depending on your support process, our NOC will then either attempt to resolve the incident or escalate the issue to your on-site team.  As an extension of our service desk process, the NOC will maintain contact with any external parties until the issue is resolved.  All resolutions will be documented against the original alert and made available in the customer’s knowledgebase.

Our Simplified NOC Dashboards allow our technicians to quickly evalutate environment health and respond to issues as they occur

The HTG NOC is designed around three (3) distinct, but interrelated IT Service Management concepts:

  • Quality Consistency: Standardized processes ensure a consistent path to resolution across incidents which enables technicians to rapidly become experts at repeating similar tasks across environments, build a knowledge base and comfort level in handling complex issues and gain broad experience that shortens the path to remediation.
  • Security: By pooling clients into our shared monitoring function, we are able to invest more time and resources into security protocols, physical controls and data security without impact the overall cost of delivery.
  • Cost Management: Working at scale while leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, process standardization and intensive technician training, our services have been streamlined to deliver a cost per alert (CPA) that is almost 40% lower than the average provider and 58% lower than the average internal NOC.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Today’s networks are no longer just located to a single building or facility.  Many networks encompass a range of traditional infrastructures, private and public cloud services and Internet based applications.  Our remote monitoring and management services will ensure around the clock access to your most critical systems.  We utilize a “single pane of glass” approach to observing and overseeing hardware, virtual appliances, and network operations, so your business can scale rapidly and effortlessly change direction as the operational demands dictate. Our remote management and Control solutions are underpinned by the nation’s, most reliable networks and our staff are experts in cloud, IT and network administration and security.