Project Description

Technology Strategy and Planning

Most managed service providers provide a limited scope of IT support for their customers.  At HighPoint Technology Group, we recognize that businesses are growing, changing, streamlining, acquiring, merging and above all – constantly changing.

Our offerings address issues that arise from organizational, technological and market driven changes

That is why we have developed a suite of consulting offerings to help companies navigate emerging market conditions, capitalize on new technologies and optimize digital technology to help drive new revenue as well as reduce operational costs.  Our core strategy offerings include:

  • IT and Cloud Strategy workshops (3 – 5 Days)
  • Business Transformation Preparation
  • Digital Business Modeling
  • Security Roadmap
  • IT Assessment
  • Cloud Roadmap
  • Application Rationalization

Our consulting process provides actionable deliverables that will position the organization to take advantage of immediate cost decreases while simultaneously charting a path forward that improves efficiencies across departments including sales, accounting and operations.

We look at everything through a business lens

We conduct a discovery to collect facts, identify onerous agreements and find areas of opportunity across the company.  These are not simply IT conversations, they are in-depth collaboration sessions to identify process gaps, areas of waste and obstacles that are being presented every day across each department.

We optimize vendor relationships

We identify problematic vendor relationships as well as highlight outstanding delivery partnerships so that your team understands the strengths and weaknesses of the current eco-system.

We state IT problems clearly and in plain language so everyone can understand them

We then consolidate these findings to identify root causes and segment these issues into recognizable problem statements.  Example problem statements include:

  • Sales reps have the ability access and download all customer data from the CRM
  • Data stored in SaaS systems are stored in a proprietary format and no other backups currently exist
  • Operations lacks visibility into key performance areas and is unable to accurately track production metrics
  • The company’s accounting system will take 72 hours to recovery and could lose up to 48 hours of data in the event of a system failure

We provide practical solutions to solve problems

With each problem statement, we design an architecture, assist with vendor selection, negotiation, procurement and implementation of services based on solving the overarching need.  The resolution for these will get built into a projects and task list which will feed into the overall execution plan for the roadmap.

We make deliverables actionable so you can be confident you receive value

At the end of the effort, your company will have peace of mind in understanding the cost drivers of IT, a matrix of critical functions and associated vendors/partners, and a actionable project plan that will drive new capabilities as well as lower costs.

This matrix is presented simply and in plain language so that you and your team will know specifically how to execute the tasks, how long it is expected to take and the estimated internal and hard costs necessary for remediation.

Service Details


Eight to Twelve Weeks


Business and Technology Alignment

Project Cost

$25K+ (complex requirements)

$5K to $15K (smaller environments)

  • Transformation
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Support
  • Management