Project Description

Do You Have An IT Project We Can Help With?

Server, Desktop and Network Technical Support

Well funded, fully automated IT teams are able to keep up with changes in executive direction, market landscapes and technology trends.  Most IT teams do not have this luxury.  Don’t worry though, HighPoint Technology Group understands this challenge and have a full suite of services that address virtually any project need.

Put simply:

  • We implement systems
  • We migrate file and system data
  • We deploy desktops, networks and servers
  • We refresh infrastructures
  • We migrate email and document management environments
  • We implement Disaster Recovery DR capabilities
  • We architect file and block level backup solutions
  • We migrate systems and data to the Cloud
  • We do what you need, when you need it
  • We work within schedule
  • We work at or under budget
  • We mitigate risks
  • We keep you informed every step of the way

Let us know how we can help you.  Your team, your executives and your users will be ecstatic you did!

Typical Projects

Project Types
  • Server Migration
  • Desktop Refresh
  • Infrastructure Deployment
  • SD WAN Implementation
  • DR and Cloud Backup
  • VOIP or SIP Deployment
  • Dell, HP, IBM
  • Cisco, Juniper, Ubiquiti
  • Palo Alto, Checkpoint
  • Microsoft, Linux, vmWare
  • Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud
Typical Project Costs
  • $10k – 25K (simple / regional)
  • $25 – $75K (moderate / national)
  • $75K+ (complex / global)