The amount of Software applications out there can be intimidating. It can be difficult to discern which SaaS will be beneficial or are necessary, and which are superfluous for your business.  After adopting one SaaS, it may prove prudent to adopt another SaaS that expands upon the first. Knowing which SaaS to use and when is beneficial to running a business.

HighPoint Technicology Group can help you integrate SaaS. By getting to know your business and understanding its needs, HTG will determine which SaaS will be the most effective for your business. Our team will assist you in the decision-making process as well as help streamline the transition to using the decided upon Software applications. By integrating SaaS, your business can run more effectively, be more cost-efficient, and mitigate unnecessary spending and resources.

What We Offer:

  • Integration as a Service
  • Custom Integrations
  • Data Management
  • API Management
  • Connector Evaluation and Implementation
  • Multi-Platform Architecture
  • API Transaction Monitoring
  • API Transaction Reconciliation

Integration as a Service

Integration allows systems to communicate and transfer data in real time by bringing the different systems together to function as one. This process allows business to function more seamlessly and efficiently, saving both time and money. The integration process can be a difficult one and, if done incorrectly, can cost time and money. HighPoint Technology Group offers IaaS where our experts smoothly integrate the different data sources so your business can continue to run during the process, saving you both time and money.

Custom Integrations

Different businesses require different data and statistics to be pulled. Integrating too many systems can lead to a clunky, ill-suited end system. HighPoint Technology Group employs experts who will discuss your business needs with you prior to starting the integration process. By knowing and understanding what systems need to communicate with each other, how often, and why allows our expert technicians to provide an integrated system that communicates efficiently and seamlessly according to your business needs. This Custom Integration allows your business to use necessary systems in the most convenient manner so business can be conducted quickly and efficiently.

Data Management

Data Management is imperative to the successful usage of data gathered by businesses. Amount of data gathered varies from business to business, the more data there is, the more important it is to have proper Data Management practices and procedures, and the more difficult data can be to manage. Proper Data Management can lead to improved customer experiences and understanding the failures and successes of marketing strategies, which can lead to higher profitability. On the business side, proper Data Management can lead to improved data governance and security, architecture, and storage, which can lead to more efficient operations. HighPoint Technology Group offers services to properly and effectively manage your business’s data. Meet with our expert technicians to determine what data is important for your business and how to manage that data effectively.

API Management

A variety of software is used to conduct different tasks and operations for businesses. Application Programming Interfaces, or API, popularity has risen with the use of software is it serves as the glue to keeping the software together. API management allows API to conduct what they were intended to do more efficiently, and allows for more effective communication between software, better design, utility, access, documentation and data gathering. HighPoint Technology Group offers services to assist with API Management. A consultation with our expert technicians will help determine the most effective way to utilize your software with API. By using HTG, your software access and communication will become more efficient, saving you both time and money.

Connector Evaluation and Implementation

Every business has different needs. With a variety of cloud connectors to choose from, it is beneficial to choose the one that best suits your business. Consult with HighPoint Technology Group to determine which Connector is the most qualified for your business. Our expert technicians will not only evaluate which connector will benefit your business most, but are also more than capable of completing the task of implementing your software and API so it runs efficiently for your business needs, resulting in more competent and profitable operations. Save and make both time and money by using HTG for your Connector Evaluation and Implementation needs.

Multi-Platform Architecture

The advancement of technology allows information to be gathered and distributed on a variety of platforms and in a variety of ways. A proper Multi-Platform Architectural design allows businesses to use diverse platforms in an optimal manner. With the help of HighPoint Technology Group, your business can use the platforms that best suit your business in the most effective way. Streamlined communication between diverse platforms allows for better data gathering and distribution both internally and externally.

API Transaction Monitoring

Businesses use so many different applications, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. In addition, an application that was pertinent when initially acquired may become obsolete, but also forgotten about. Certain applications automatically re-up a subscription. This and more are why API Transaction Monitoring is valuable in saving money. Consult with HighPoint Technology Group the different applications your business uses and what your business goals are. Our experts can then conduct API Transaction Monitoring for your business. They will alert you of what applications are being used, which are not, and in what capacity. This way, you know where your money is going and can save money by canceling unnecessary applications.

API Transaction Reconciliation

API Transaction Reconciliation can prove to be a time-consuming and tedious task. It is necessary to ensure that software subscriptions are being paid on time and that there is no over, under, or unexpected payments being made. HighPoint Technology Group can aid in handling your API Transaction Reconciliation. Our expert technicians can aid in tracking transactions, which will save your business time and allow for efficient record keeping for API Transaction Reconciliation.