The cloud offers an array of highly effective Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that are designed to streamline business functions. In addition, the cloud has become increasingly secure and expansive. For these reasons, many businesses have turned to the cloud as a place to conduct their business.

HighPoint Technology Group can provide your business with the SaaS applications that will help your business run more efficiently. From cloud storage and integration software to anti-virus software, HTG has you covered. We will help you manage the assortment of SaaS applications and ensure that they are being used effectively so as to mitigate waste and boost productivity.

What We Offer:

  • Office 365 Managed Services
  • CRM Administration
  • Platform Migrations
  • Subscription Management
  • SaaS Security Administration
  • Cross System Reporting

Office 365 Managed Services

Office 365 on its own can greatly benefit your business communications and collaboration. Those benefits can be fully experienced with an MSP such as HighPoint Technology Group. By using our Managed Services, your business can save time and money. Our technicians will manage accounts and ensure they are working properly, provide licenses, manage and ensure security, and provide a 24X7 service desk for any needs that may arise. Let us focus on the IT side so you can focus on your business.

CRM Administration

CRM Administration can prove to be a heavy task unless there is a dedicated CRM. HighPoint Technology Group acts as a CRM, in addition to a variety of other services. We want to ensure that your business is running in the most productive and efficient way possible. In order to do that, we help with anything IT: from helping learn how to operate a system, consulting which software and/or system will best benefit your business, making changes to systems that will better suit your business, to coming up with a framework or system design that will boost your company efficiency as well as save time and money. We are a go-to for all your IT needs and want to help you run your company as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

Platform Migrations

There are several reasons that require a platform migration: a current platform becomes obsolete, too expensive, inefficient support, or simply becomes insufficient. Whatever the reason, migrating platforms becomes necessary. Such a migration requires strategy, skill, and knowledge of the different components involved. A failed migration can result in more time and money lost. HighPoint Technology Group can help you save that time and money. Our experts are well versed and skilled in platform migrations. We will do more than help you migrate platforms, we will also consult with you in forming a strategy to determine which direction you should go and how. The end result is not only time and money saved making a successful migration, but also a more efficient way to run your business.

Subscription Management

Give customers a sense of security and trust with proper subscription management. HighPoint Technology Group can put solutions in place that will monitor customer subscription status, if they upgrade or downgrade, or want to re-up or leave. In addition to providing these solutions, HTG can monitor your business’s subscriptions. By monitoring these subscriptions, we can let you know what subscriptions are about to expire as well as monitor which subscriptions are being used and how much. This practice allows you to make an educated decision on what subscriptions to keep or drop, thus helping you pay only for what you need and saving your business money.

SaaS Security Administration

SaaS are convenient and profitable tools for a business, but can be lacking in proper security measures. Necessary security measures can vary from business to business in what is needed for clients, to remain in compliance with regulations, or with classification status of data. HighPoint Technology Group can provide the property security measures your company needs. With HTG taking care of your security, you can rest easy knowing that you are in compliance, and your network and data are secure.

Cross System Reporting

Cross System Reporting is convenient for gathering useful statistics and information for your business. Using a process that streamlines the communication between systems so the desired statistics and information can be more easily gathered will save your business time and money. HighPoint Technology Group can provide such a process. Our expert technicians will communicate with you to collect necessary information in order to create and provide a process best suited for your business needs.