Space is a prime commodity, so it should not be wasted. The traditional set up for Operating Systems can take up a good amount of hardware, space, and resources. This can be more than just a high bill, but also a waste of money considering only a fraction of the systems are being used. It’s like buying a whole house when all you need is one room. Virtualization is like buying the one room, allowing all the excess expenses and wasted resources to be cut. A Virtual Machine is the answer to the excessive traditional set up. The host virtual machine can be costly and provide more room than needed, akin to buying the apartment building when you only need one apartment. HighPoint Technology Group provides VM Hosting solutions so you can move your business to Virtualization at an affordable cost. By allowing HTG to host your VM, you are saving both money and space by getting rid of all that unnecessary hardware and paying only for what you need. Don’t buy the whole house or apartment building when all you need is one apartment. Every apartment has a landlord, and like a good landlord, HTG will provide maintenance, security, and whatever else you may need for your network to run efficiently.

Our Solutions:

  • SLA Backed Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting

SLA Backed Infrastructure Services

SLAs provide written out communication going over exactly what will be provided and what will be expected. The SLA options we provide are standard or customized because at HTG, we understand that every business is different. Your expectations for us and what we can do for you are discussed prior to any commitment. A description of services, responsiveness, reliability, procedures, tiers and priority levels are included in the SLA. In addition, we discuss what you can expect from us in regards to customer service. The customer experience is a high priority at HTG, which is why have adopted the Disney mantra of making the mundane magical. The SLA will not only let you know what to expect from us, but it also holds us accountable to providing you the service you deserve.

As technology progresses, so does the Cloud and the services it requires. This may result in the changing of required services that were initially covered in the SLA. HighPoint Technology Group understands that things change. Our SLA’s provide high availabilty and ensure the reliability of cloud services.   As a living agreement, the SLA can be adapted to meet any new needs and changes in business requirements. This allows you to be continuously covered efficiently without having to wait for, break, or sign a new contract. In addition, it allows for communication to flow to keep everyone on the same page as to what is to be expected.

Infrastructure as a Service

Traditional data centers take up space and can be expensive, due to cost of hardware, maintenance, and manpower. Technology is ever-advancing, and so is the Cloud. Virtual data centers take up no room and are more cost-effective in that they require minimal space, hardware, and manpower. As the business grows, more space, hardware, and manpower may be required, which will result in higher overhead and upkeep costs. If you want to knock those costs down, use a third-party to host your Virtual Data Center. HighPoint Technology Group does just that. We provide the space, hardware, and manpower to provide safe and secure IaaS with a 24X7 service desk to help with your needs. Going Virtual doesn’t have to be difficult. HTG is here to help make it simple. Our experts will ensure the security of your network as well as help fix any issues that may arise. Using HTG is both cost-effective and resourceful for your business.

Microsoft Office 365 Services and Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Office 365 services as well as Microsoft Exchange exchange a popular choice for email among businesses and organizations. It is reliable and has features, such as being adaptable, having an intelligent mailbox and calendar, that are conducive to business operations. In order to use Microsoft Exchange, a company must either invest in a server or go through a third-party. HighPoint Technology Group hosts Microsoft Exchange at an affordable rate. We also provide 24X7 service to assist with any questions or problems that may arise. Using HTG makes using Microsoft exchange both cost-effective and simple for your business.